Friday, July 24, 2009

Aborting Health Care

I know I am preaching to the choir, since all 3 of my readers probably know this better than me, but I'd still like to say my piece about why abortion should not be in the health care bill, and specifically should be excluded from it. So hear are my 6 reasons to reject the health care bill as it is written, no matter what your views.

1. Abortion kills a human being. 'Nuff said. But if you don't believe that consider

2. More Americans are pro-life than pro-choice. So, in addition to the above, by passing it our representatives are not representing most Americans, but going counter to the "majority rule" that has been used to justify abortion in the past.

3. It violates Americans' right to conscience. If passed, all American individuals and institutions, including the Catholic church, will be directly funding Planned Parenthood's abortion industry.

4. Even if you are pro-choice, the fact that it's a choice means it is elective surgery. If you think every women has the right to choose an abortion consider that every woman has the right to choose a boob-job, but should we all be forced to pay for it?

5. Even if you are pro-choice and believe that no woman should pressured one way or the other in her choice, consider that by funding abortions we are pressuring women to have them, since the cost after health insurance is higher for keeping the baby. Why not demand funding for pregnancy services and obstetrics to make thing on an even footing economically, and truly trust women to make the choice?

6. Let's say you don't care about abortion, your big issue is the economy. Do you think at this time, when we are trillions in debt, we should be dumping another ton of money, this time to "bail out" an industry that's wildly profitable? Planned Parenthood has (IIRC) $300 million in cash and over $1 billion in assets and we're going to give then an estimated $700 million our of our pockets?

Stop the abortion mandate now!

P.S. As Lavona wrote in her comments, there are many, many more reasons, some of which I was aware of, some not (like hers). you can find more here and here and dozens of other places. Perhaps the bill should be changed to "Eugenics 101".


Well stated but there are many more reasons to not back the bill being proposed in the House. Anyone from the time they reach 65, or become disabled will be forced into couselling designed to encourage cessatoin of the use of medical services. This includes not only the 65+ population but the blind, autistic, deaf and more ... it's inhumane.

Thanks Lavona. I hadn't heard about that one. I modified the post to mention it, since I can't post URLs in comments.

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