Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Monument to the Unborn

"On 28 October 2011 at 16:00 o'clock in Nova Ves Bardejovske a dedication ceremony was held for this memorial to unborn children, which is the work of a young sculptor Martin Hudáčeka of Banska Bystrica. This ceremony was attended by the Minister of Health, Ivan Uhliarik MD.

The idea to build a memorial to unborn children came from the community of young women, mothers who are deeply aware of the value of each human life and the damage that is inflicted by abortion; not only a waste of unborn children, but also permanent damage on the mental (and sometimes physical) health of every woman who chooses to abort her unborn child.

The monument expresses sorrow and regret, not only mothers but also forgiveness and love for the unborn child to mother.

Initiators thank all who contributed financially, or otherwise make this work."


Very good.

Muy buena idea. Javier Granada, Sapain


Do you speak spanish?

I recommend you:

Nice to meet you. Javier

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Nice to meet you as well, Javier.

Sadly, I do not speak Spanish. However, through the magic of google translate I could visit the site you recommended. Looks like a very good resource, and very successful!

This is an article I did that may be of interest to you

"Memorial for Unborn Children: An interview with Martin Hudáček"

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