Monday, May 25, 2009


Recently at mass, after the "Alleluia" a small child cried out "Yay!" in a loud voice. A couple of weeks later, the priest said "Take this, all of you, and eat it: this is my body which will be given up for you" and a child (might have been the same one) called out "Yummy!" Now I'm all for reverence, but this kid had a point. Why is it so quiet at mass?

Ever go to a sporting event? Hockey, soccer, football, tennis? What would you think if the entire audience just stared blankly? Never cheered, chanted their team's chant, participated in any way? You'd think you were in the Twilight Zone. Everybody roots for their team. Why else would you even bother going?

Too often we sit in the pew and dully recite words without even thinking, or worse yet, not even respond at all. Why? What's going on on that altar is amazing. We're talking about life and death, and things which will affect our life forever. The most important thing in our lives, and we put more enthusiasm and energy into which team will get a ball somewhere than we do at mass. Why go to just sit in an uncomfortable seat if you don't want to be there. And if you DO want to be there, why not show it!

So, next Sunday, let's hear some responses. SAY the words, don't mumble. SING the songs - I don't care if you're off key - so am I half the time. Let's get enthusiastic!


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