Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Horse's Tale

There once was a horse who lived in peace and freedom, except for one thing. He knew there were wolves nearby, and he was afraid they would come and attack him some day. He knew this, even though they had not shown themselves, because for some time he had been hearing them howling at night.

There was also a man living nearby. The horse and man had never been friends, because the horse wasn't quite sure the man was trustworthy. Although he wasn't a bad man, he had his own goals and looked out for his own interests, which didn't necessarily coincide with the best interests of the horse.

One day the man approached the horse. He said "I know you're afraid of those wolves. I've been hearing them too. I know that you don't always trust me, but I am willing to help you so that we can both rid ourselves of these wolves."

The man went on to explain that although he had a club to beat the wolves, he couldn't stay up all night and watch for them, so he wanted to get rid of them once and for all. He needed the horse's speed to catch the wolves so he could get close enough to use his club.

The horse was still suspicious of the man's motives, though, and refused. But after a few nights of listening to the howling of the wolves coming closer, he was desperate for a solution. One Saturday evening he acceded to the man's wishes. The man quickly got a bridle and saddle and put mounted the horse.

The horse bravely started out towards the forest, where he thought the wolves lived. "Get your club ready!" said the horse, but the man just pulled on the reins, dug in his spurs, and howled.


Oooh interesting analogy. Do you think what the horse did was right though?

No, I don't. The horse gave up his freedom out of fear, without finding out what the right thing was. A choice that is not informed is slavery.

Wow! Cool analogy. I think the American people are in for a rude awakening.

Happy ICLW!

A very interesting story! Short and concise but still good. well told! I like it.

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