Monday, February 15, 2010

Eating the Bear

"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you."

I'm not sure where that saying originated, but I like it. you see, sometimes things seem to go wrong all at once. The news is filled with things that make one think the world is going to hell (or has arrived there). The weight of a million defeats and injustices seem overwhelming. The bear is hungry.

Then there are times when good news arrived in buckets. A good report card, a kind word from a friend, and hopeful news. The bear is tasty. As a Catholic I can't really get too discouraged by the bad news. I've read the ending of the book and it's a happy one. Still, I'm glad when things seem to be looking up.

Despite the bad news about the continuing CCHD scandal and the problems in Ireland and elsewhere, there is a lot of good news today. And so, dear reader, I wanted to share some happy news stories today.

Colorado has gotten enough signatures for a Personhood amendment to be on the ballot. The amendment reads "the term 'person' shall apply to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being." While some pro-lifers decry so called personhood amendments as a waste of time, I see it at worst as a way to get the issue in the public eye. Why can't all human beings be "persons"?

40 Days for Life is back this Lent, bigger than ever! According to the article, the fall 40 days campaign helped prevent at least 2,000 document abortions. I can't wait until Wednesday.

In France, hundreds of Catholics stood up to homosexual activists who were trying to stage a "kiss-in" at Notre Dame. The crowd spontaneously broke out into a chant of "Habemus Papam!" (Latin for "We have a Pope!"

Zenit reports that the young generation of Catholics are more orthodox and more oriented towards marriage and families than us old folks. Nice to see the Church getting back into Her game.

More and more studies are revealing that Abstinence works and contraception doesn't.

It looks like we will have a Mother Teresa stamp this year (although you can sign the petition to help make sure).

...and in a news story that made my day today,  the Virginia legislature strips Planned Parenthood funding from its license plate bill. In what pro-life advocates are hailing as a brilliant legislative move, Virginia lawmakers stripped Planned Parenthood funding from its own bill to sponsor pro-abortion license plates. The plate bill now sends the proceeds from sales of the plate to a state fund that actually helps pregnant women, the Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund.


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