Monday, June 27, 2011


It is with disgust that I read this article about a "genderless" preschool in Sweden. According to the preschool:
The taxpayer-funded preschool which opened last year in the liberal Sodermalm district of Stockholm for kids aged 1 to 6 is among the most radical examples of Sweden's efforts to engineer equality between the sexes from childhood onward.

Breaking down gender roles is a core mission in the national curriculum for preschools, underpinned by the theory that even in highly egalitarian-minded Sweden, society gives boys an unfair edge.
So, if they are to be believed they are trying to solve this "problem". But instead of encouraging people to value girls more, the solution they have decided upon is to remove the "advantage" by attempting to alter the nature of the children themselves.
Some parents worry things have gone too far. An obsession with obliterating gender roles, they say, could make the children confused and ill-prepared to face the world outside kindergarten.

"Different gender roles aren't problematic as long as they are equally valued," says Tanja Bergkvist, a 37-year-old blogger and a leading voice against what she calls "gender madness" in Sweden.

Those bent on shattering gender roles "say there's a hierarchy where everything that boys do is given higher value, but I wonder who decides that it has higher value," she says. "Why is there higher value in playing with cars?"
Which is exactly the question. Why should anyone think that playing with cars is better than playing house? I don't.
Director Lotta Rajalin notes that Egalia places a special emphasis on fostering an environment tolerant of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. From a bookcase she pulls out a story about two male giraffes who are sad to be childless — until they come across an abandoned crocodile egg.

Nearly all the children's books deal with homosexual couples, single parents or adopted children. There are no "Snow White," ''Cinderella" or other classic fairy tales seen as cementing stereotypes.

Rajalin, 52, says the staff also try to help the children discover new ideas when they play.

"A concrete example could be when they're playing 'house' and the role of the mom already is taken and they start to squabble," she says. "Then we suggest two moms or three moms and so on."
Now we get to the real reason for this radical agenda - trying to teach children to accept the gay lifestyle. These children who quibble over the role of mom already being taken already understand something their "educators" have become to smart to understand - that a child actually has one mother and one father.

Attempts to raise children genderless or reverse their gender roles in the past have all either failed or resulted in severe psychological trauma. That the state should approve wholesale experimentation on this scale is appalling.


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