Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Banning Books

Well, looks like old "Sarah" (if that's her real name) is up to it again. This time, though, she's posing as homosexuals. That's right. In Spain, no less!

According to this article in LifeSiteNews, a homosexual campaign to suppress a book on healing same-sex attraction backfired, creating lots of publicity for the book.
A campaign waged by homosexuals in Spain to suppress a book about reparative therapy for homosexuality has backfired, generating media coverage that has drawn new attention to the formerly ignored work.

As a result, the publisher says that it has been overwhelmed by requests for the book and is now in the process of printing 7,000 more copies.

“Understanding and Healing Homosexuality,” which has been available since 2004 in Spanish, became the object of protest in Spain in December when the book was republished by Libros Libres and the new edition appeared in the catalogs of such online booksellers as Amazon, La Casa del Libro (the House of Books), and La Corte Ingl├ęs (The English Court).

The book, written by therapist Richard Cohen, discusses Cohen’s own liberation from homosexual attraction, what he regards as the principal causes of the problem, and methods for bringing about the healing of same-sex desires.

The appearance of the new edition sparked a protest on Twitter and other Internet media, including a petition that gathered tens of thousands of signatures demanding the removal of the book. Reporting on the campaign in the Spanish news media began on December 27th and has continued unabated.

Asked about the controversy in the Spanish media, Cohen told El Pais that he believes that “gays and lesbians who are happy have the right to live their lives. I would hope that they would respect the right of other who want to explore an exit from homosexuality.”
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P.S. I know this must really be Sarah in disguise, as everyone knows homosexuals are all about freedom and Sarah is evil.


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