Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's no joke

Sometimes Pro-lifers can be jerks. Hey, even I have been a jerk (maybe, once). Sometimes in the zeal to be right we want others to be wrong, and we forget that they are people too, and not everything they do is always wrong and evil. And so it is that I can't agree with my fellow pro-lifers in the condemnation of the laughing abortionist.

Yes, there is the 911 call audio, and yes, he laughs during the call. But from the outrage and headlines and accusations you might picture him cackling maniacally over the writhing body of a suffering woman, as he kicks her in the teeth and steals her baby.

I listened to the audio. Despite the fact that he is an abortionist he doesn't sound maniacal. To me he sounds scared. The laughter isn't the snide, contemptuous laughter of someone who despises the woman in their care, nor is the the "nudge nudge wink wink" laughter of someone cavalier about the well being of another. To me it sounds like nervous laughter of someone who feels powerless to help the person in front of them and really wishes they could.

For all I know I am wrong and everyone else is right. But I think rather than condemning this man for his laughter I'll pray that both the doctor on the phone and the woman in distress are OK, and that they experience and know God's mercy and love.


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