Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Joke

A man is stranded in the remote countryside when his car breaks down. After discovering his cell phone doesn't work, the man begins walking down the road.

After several hours' walk the man sees a monastery, and rings the bell. A monk comes out and invites the man inside use the phone. It turns out it will take hours for a tow truck to come, and so the monk invites the man to dinner. He gladly accepts the monk's offer.

Since it is Friday the dinner is meatless, and the man is served the most delicious fish and chips he's ever had. He decides to compliment the chef.

Entering the kitchen, the man asks the cook, "Are you the fish friar?"

"No," the chef replies, "I'm the chip monk."


A lot of work for a little joke, but you made me smile.

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