Tuesday, May 7, 2013

12 angry men?

A while ago I watched the movie 12 Angry Men, which I hadn't seen since high school (when we had to watch it). It got better with age (either that or I matured, and we know that couldn't happen). If you haven't seen it, give it a try. Henry Fonda was wonderful in it. Without spoilers, the movie covers the jury deliberation in a murder trial. We don't get to see the trial, just the deliberation, and facts emerge as the jury discusses them. The case seems like a slam dunk guilty verdict until Henry Fonda's character starts calling things into doubt.

There are two jury deliberations that have been in the news day after day, the Jodie Arias trial and the Kermit Gosnell tria. The Jodie Arias trial has been the topic of water cooler discussions, while I have followed the Gosnell trial with interest, as it exposes truths to the public about the abortion industry that they'd rather think about.

From the evidence I've read about and heard about it seemed to me like a guilty verdict for Gosnell would be a slam dunk. Eight of his assistants have already plead guilty to related charges, and there is forensic evidence galore. In fact, it came a surprise when the judge dismissed four of the charges against him. The reasoning was that the bodies of the babies had been frozen for so long that the coroner could not determine if they had breathed on their own before being killed.

Think about that a minute. We have babies who were delivered and then had their necks cut with scissors. The staff who were present testified that the babies were moving, breathing, alive. But because the coroner can't confirm definitively the testimony is disregarded. Because it's OK to kill those same, viable babies, as long as they are a few inches away, in the womb. The baby herself has no protection from being dismembered, mutilated, poisoned, starved or burned (to list a few of the ways abortions commonly kill children). Her only hope it to make it those last few inches to freedom (kind of like a bizarre version of Hunger Games).

So what's going on in that jury room? I think of 12 Angry Men and I wonder if the deliberations will end in conviction, acquittal or mistrial. And if convicted will the death penalty be applied? While I think a verdict of guilty if just, I do not think the death penalty is just in this case. While Gosnell is a menace to society, he is not likely to be so once he is behind bars. So, I think however it goes, it is unlikely that justice will be done.


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