Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meet the Staff

This is another in my "Meet the staff" series, where I introduce the reader to the people who work at my local abortion clinic. The object is to show what kind of people typically do abortions. Not the Kermit Gosnells, but the "average Joe". The media paints these people as angels and pro lifers as demons. But is that really the case? I started looking into the clinic where I pray to see. The first post in the series talked about Dr. Steven Brigham.

This post is about Dr. Vikram Kaji, who is an abortionist at the same clinic. By way of introduction, here is a consent agreement from the State of Pennsylvania Department of State from 1993. It reads (in part, emphasis mine):
Respondent admits that the following facts are true:
On or about October 20, 1993, the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners found that the Respondent's conduct with respect to three female patients constituted gross malpractice and ordered that Respondent's New Jersey Medical License, No. MA023976, be suspended for a period of three (3) years...
...The underlying basis for New Jersey's Order is as follows:
Respondent had allegedly engaged in sexual abuse of three female patients and indiscriminately prescribed an anabolic steroid and Seconal, a Controlled Dangerous Substance to one of those patients.
Here's one of the incidents described:
On or about May 26, 1993 Respondent testified that he had in fact engaged in sexual intercourse with Patient V.V. sometime around 1985... The incident occurred in the daytime on the bed in the birthing room of his Yardley Pennsylvania office while the staff was in the office and the door was unlocked. Respondent did not charge Patient V.V. for the visit. Respondent had not worn a condom during intercourse. Resopndent testified that there was no emotional involvement with Patient V.V. Patient V.V. suffered from depression and had been the childhood victim of sexual abuse.
Well, at least he didn't charge her for the visit. Dr. Kaji's license was reinstated in 1996.


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