Saturday, August 24, 2013


Those following prolife news abroad (or those living in Ireland) may be familiar with Ireland's "Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act." And those who are at all familiar with western politics will realize that in doublespeak "Protection of Life" is a code word for "Destruction of Life."

The law was rushed through in response to the case of Savita Halappanavar, an Indian woman in Ireland who died last year of septicemia following a miscarriage, who may not have wanted an abortion, who would not have been saved by an abortion, and who did not die because she did not have an abortion. Fortunately pro-abortion forces were waiting in the wings, and were able to use the media to effectively raise an outcry which was used to pass the new law in record time despite the protests of the majority of Ireland's population. Legislators who didn't go along with the law were sacked.

So what is this new law? It's very similar to the U.S.'s Doe v. Bolton case, which of course is not a law passed by Congress, but a law made by the Supreme Court, which states that a woman has a "right" to kill her baby (well, pay to have him killed - it's still illegal for her to do it herself) up to and including the moment of birth in order to preserve her health. "Health" in the U.S. has been interpreted to mean any kind of health, medical, physical, mental, emotional, financial, you name it. It has lead to the most permissive abortion criteria in the world, except for China.

But I digress. So after decades where no Doctor in Ireland has been able to find a case where abortion actually did save the life of a mother, and after years of having the safest, best medical care in the world for expectant mothers, we're told all of a sudden, only a month after the new law is passed that it was used to save a life! Hallelujah!

Only that's another lie. The story was fabricated to defend the new law, just as the Savita story was fabricated and twisted to promote its passage. What happened was what would have happened if the law had never been passed.

So what exactly is that? In this case, the babies' (it was twins) amniotic sac ruptured when they were only 18 weeks old. The danger is that the tissue may become infected, and the mother and babies will die of sepsis. There is a chance that no infection will occur and babies have been born with a ruptured amniotic sac, but it is rare. So how is this usually treated?

In a pro-life state (like Ireland used to be, and still is, in her people if not in law), labor is induced, and the baby delivered. Labor and delivery are "easy" at that age, since the child is only 5 inches long. If the baby were close to the 21 week mark, he would have a decent chance of survival with medical care, but an 18 week old baby cannot survive outside the womb. So the baby is swaddled and made comfortable, and the parents can see and hold their precious child and comfort him in his last moments. The mother is examined to make sure no parts of the placenta are left inside, where they could cause infection, and is given prophylactic antibiotics. The baby's remains may be cremated or buried.

In a pro-abortion state (like the U.S.) the preferred "treatment" is abortion. By far the most common procedure for an 18 week abortion is a D&E. The cervix is dilated. A pair of forceps is inserted into the womb to grasp part of the fetus. The teeth of the forceps dig into the flesh tightly and the doctor twists and pulls to dismember and tear apart the body of the still living baby. Once the limbs are out, the spine is snapped to make it easier to extract the torso. Finally the skull is crushed, again to make it easier to extract. The pieces of the baby are reassembled and examined to make sure the entire corpse has been removed. Then the uterus is scraped with a knife to remove the placenta and any other tissue remaining. The mother is examined to make sure no parts of the placenta are left inside, where they could cause infection, and is given prophylactic antibiotics. The baby's remains are put in the garbage as "medical waste" or may be sold for us in cosmetics or other product by companies like Nestle and Neocutis.

For more detailed and graphic descriptions of the procedure, here is a description by a doctor, and here is a diagram of the procedure. For images of babies around this age or older who have been aborted, click here. I try to keep this blog relatively family friendly, so I'm not including this material in the post.


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