Sunday, September 1, 2013

Getting Catholic Answers

Well, people are lining up on both sides. On the one side we have Michael Voris and his supporters, and on the other side EWTN and Catholic Answers. For those who've missed the kerfluffle, Michael Voris, of Church Militant TV recently rebuked "Catholic media" for not having the same outspoken reprimands against bishops and clergy who are (in fact) too lax on issues of faith and morals. He also points out that these people are making salaries which he believes to be too high.

I don't want to get into the specifics what was said about whom, but I wanted to offer my thoughts (in keeping with the title of this blog). It seems to me to be analogous to those who decry the use (or lack of use) of graphic abortion images in the pro-life movement. And as I've said before on that topic, there is room in the church for both approaches. Not everyone can be St. Paul (all things to all men) and so people will approach the salvation of souls from different angles.

Michael Voris is a necessary voice, calling for the repentance of correction of those in the church who ignore or actively support evil. God bless him for that. But that doesn't mean he is perfect, or even better than Karl Keating or Michael Warsaw. Not everybody has to have the same style, thank God.

Yes, Catholic Answers forums is not always a good place to go, but it is a public forum, and can't always be "policed" properly. Having moderated forums before I can say from personal experience that even with the best of intentions and a lot of hard work, forums get out of hand.

As for the salaries involved, while both EWTN and Catholic Answers are non-profit organizations, they are not charities. When I get a cell phone I don't say "this iPhone is evil because Tim Cook is rich" (even though that might be true). I say "is this iPhone worth what it will cost me?" Catholic Answers produces 400 some odd hours of solid Catholic apologetics radio, plus audio video and print products. Even more so EWTN. When I support those organizations I am paying what I feel it is worth to have this material available, to me and to others. And frankly I think if you live in Southern California and have a large family, and several college degrees, the salaries mentioned are not unreasonable.

And lest this post be seen as anti Michael Voris, I refer you to paragraph 3 of this post. I do think it was not useful for him to publicly excoriate other apostolates but I think his heart is in the right place, and if he is overzealous sometimes, so am I. To Michael, Karl and the others involved in this, I say "God love you."


But high salaries should be publicly known if the organization is pleading for money from people who like the US in general are making half that and working hard also...And they are noting to people in emails in their plea that they have to let go of 26 people but are not telling you that about six people at the top are making over 100K and Keating is making c. a quarter mil.
Tell everything in your plea not just the manipulative, Racmaninoff backmusic, half account. The whole truth if as reasonable as you say, should not deter donations.

That information is available, you just have to look for it. But why should CA or any Catholic organization be held to higher standards than charities in general? The head of the Red Cross makes a good salary, as do the heads of other charities.

And as I point out, a "high salary" is (1) subjective, (2) misleading and (3) ultimately irrelevant. You don't know how much of Keating's salary is paid by the people who donate money to CA, you don't know how much of Keating's salary ultimately winds up back in CA, and frankly, that information is none of your business.

You can look up whatever you want on their financials (, and decide whether you think they deliver good value for dollar donated. It is not encumbant on charities to tell you why you should not donate to them - you have to do the research.

We utterly disagree. If you're making people search, you don't want them to know. Why don't you. We are in a world very aware of starvation and other radically serious causes and Catholics would do better to donate there and get their Catholic answers from their pastor who actually has usually many years of Catholic education and has an average salary.

Well, I agree that in a perfect world everyone would give all the pluses and minuses of their products. But in the world we live in it would simply handicap Catholics - the money wouldn't go to the starving, it would go to those who didn't give all the minuses. And perhaps one reason I like CA is that if I got my Catholic Answers from my pastor I would not be Catholic.

Thanks for sharing your point of view, Bill.

Peace. I used to make an appointment with an old priest theology professor at a nearby Catholic college when I had complex questions. He was very serious but moderate. It was like visiting what I imagined St. Alphonsus to be like. I paid back by praying for his family relatives through the years. Peace.

" if I got my Catholic Answers from my pastor I would not be Catholic." That's certainly not how I became Catholic.

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