Wednesday, February 5, 2014

School shocked that student learned - responds by arresting dad

You can't make this up. Apparently, after years of teaching kids that toy guns are the same as real guns, a four year old drew a picture of her dad's "nerf" gun and said it was real. The school promptly had the father arrested for possession of a firearm, and when no "real" gun was found, he was strip searched and left in a cell (I have no idea where they thought he was hiding the gun.)

The father is righteously angry, and the school? Well, they blame the children for learning what they taught them.


Following the links along, this is really a wacko story.

Guns aren't illegal in Canada. He must have been on probation or something, that he could be arrested for what looks to be suspicion of owning a gun.

Thanks Katy. Based on my limited understanding of Canadian gun law, I believe the issue was that the child probably reported that it was not lock up and they had access to it, which would be illegal. It also may be because he did not have a permit to possess a firearm. Hard to say from the story, but based on his indignation at having been arrested I don't think he was on probation. Perhaps there will be a follow up story with more information.

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