Friday, July 25, 2014

So let it be written...

Nancy Pelosi says the story of Moses should be our model for welcoming immigrants. Once again she shows her ignorance of her faith.

First off, Moses was not an illegal alien. Rather, he was a child of the slave class slated to die because there were "too many of *those*" people." So the story is more analogous to Margaret Sanger (or Ruth Bader-Ginsburg or Nancy Pelosi herself) on abortion.

But let's overlook that and pretend the story is an analogue. Does she realize that the Egyptian Empire was basically destroyed by "welcoming" Moses into their household? Then what lesson are we supposed to apply to our dealings with illegal immigrant children? Kill them all or America will be destroyed?

Realize I am not suggesting we do this, I'm just saying that is the only lesson that makes sense if you want to compare your government to the Egyptian Empire and your President to Pharaoh. Maybe that's what she meant - I recall Pharaoh issuing a lot of executive orders. "So let it be written... so let it be done!"


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