Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello Goodbye

I have a bad reputation around the office. I go through office mates like some people go through tissues. Don't get me wrong. I don't do anything to try to make them go. In fact, I have enjoyed the company of each of them. Nor do they get fed up with me or anything, they just tend to get laid off, or resign, or leave the company for some other reason. Over the last few years there was Roy, then Ben, then Mohammad, all gone. After that I had an office to myself for a little while. Then came Isai, and then Bibo (who never even showed up), and last, Yitzi, who was there one day a week. Yitzi is unique in that he is still with the company, although he is at another location. Perhaps because he was only with me part time he survived.

Since then I've again had an office to myself. Until last week. My boss informed me that I would be getting a new office mate - Venu by name. He was with me for one day. The next day he called to say his mother was ill and he was taking off to take care of her. There was speculation that he was taking a day to check out another more tempting job offer. After three days of hearing nothing we called the firm through which we hired him. They heard nothing from him either. From what we've pieced together it seems it may be that his mother is sick and he went to care for her, but he forgot to mention that she is in India. Venu, wherever you are, I wish you well, and I'll say a prayer for your mother.


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