Monday, July 5, 2010

Serpetine Legislation

I am not a Californian, nor do I play one on TV. However, there are some stories that transcend time and space. Last week I noted in my post "Think Think Think" that California's government was out of control, requiring electronic license plates. I guess you can give them a little leeway, since the state is in such financial troubles. So what wonderful things is the CA senate doing to address all the serious problems in the state?

Removing the state rock! California's state rock, serpentine, is under attack. The reason is that the rock contains chrysotile, a form of asbestos. The rock is not unique to California, and is commonly used, cut and polished, in jewelry or as a decorative stone (in the United Nations building, for instance, as seen in the picture below).

Apparently, serpentine only became the state rock in 1965, in order to promote the asbestos industry in California. Of course, asbestos is now anathema, and the asbestos industry is pretty much gone. Time to move to more politically correct waters.

Now, I'm not saying asbestos is good, or that there might not be more suitable state rocks for California (perhaps pyrite?), but doesn't the senate have more pressing issues to deal with?


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