Monday, December 13, 2010

No Future for Jews

"I see no future for Jews in the Netherlands" says former Dutch EU commissioner Frits Bolkenstein. According to Mr. Bolkenstein "recognizable" Jews are no longer safe in Netherlands due to Muslim anti-Semitism. He said he has no confidence in proposed measures to combat anti-Jewish sentiment and recommends they emigrate to the US or Israel.

In other news, an Israeli tourist wearing phylacteries while visiting New Zealand caused a minor panic on a New Zealand ferry on Sunday after the captain reported to police that a passenger was carrying a "suspicious article," NZTV reported. Some media in New Zealand even reported a hostage situation aboard the ferry, according to the report.

Reminds me of Joe Biden being ridiculed for wearing ashes on Ash Wednesday, and perhaps the cartoonist forced into hiding by threats of Islamic violence.

Sad to be living in a world where Jews and Christians are persecuted to the point where there is no expectation that the law will defend them.


Some months ago a Jewish man was hauled off a plane for wearing a phylactery, which people thought was an explosive device.

As far as Joe Biden goes...well...ashes have to do with repentance....that's all I'll say about that.

But yes, I get your point, we all do. And I'm shocked at this declaration from the Netherlands. Governments have an obligation to protect their own! Corrie Ten Boom is rolling in her grave, saying it's the same thing all over again but now it's her own government "evacuating" them.


I sat staring at and reading and rereading the article with the former Dutch EU Comissioner's statements. This should probably be the most astounding headline that I've yet seen in my entire lifetime, the most damning thing I've ever read if accurate. Yet, maybe I've been numbed by time and age, it's not astounding to me. It should be, by God, but it's not and THAT is what stuns me now. It's only more of what I've come to expect. God save us from where we are going.

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