Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Like many of you I had to read George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four in high school. It was the first real dystopian work I had read, and it did not impress me. The ideas of Big Brother and doublethink and unpersons seemed like an awfully ridiculous concept. How naive I was.

Today in America we are there. Big Brother actually does watch us. Far from repressing sex to keep people loyal to the regime (aka "culture") we use it as a tool, and just repress the babies, who have literally become unpersons. "PC" is our version of Newspeak, where loving your neighbor is called hatred and intolerance is called tolerance.

We have militant feminists who took the word "man" (meaning "human") out of the language and replaced it with "guy". These same women promote the degradation of women in order to make them "equal". We have blacks who have achieved the freedom to call each other the "N" word, and to be aborted out of existence. We have organizations fighting breast cancer by funding organizations that promote actions that increase the risk of breast cancer.

If I did not know the end game I would surely despair.


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