Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'm feeling cynical today, and so I'm posting a story I've tried to stay away from for a while. As you may remember, last year American Atheists, Inc. sued the 9-11 Museum to remove some wreckage of the WTC towers from it's display. The reason? The beams formed a cross. From "Are You Kidding?"
The cross is made of two beams found in the wreckage of the World Trade Center after the September 11, 2001 attacks, and American Atheists Inc. said last year, "The WTC cross has become a Christian icon. It has been blessed by so-called holy men and presented as a reminder that their god, who couldn't be bothered to stop the Muslim terrorists or prevent 3,000 people from being killed in his name, cared only enough to bestow upon us some rubble that resembles a cross. It's a truly ridiculous assertion. It will just be a Christian icon, in the middle of OUR museum. This will not happen without a fight."
The museum had planned to make the cross part of an exhibit called "Finding meaning at Ground Zero" but plans have been stalled due to the lawsuit. Apparently, it isn't enough that the atheists find no meaning, nobody else is allowed to find meaning either. Perhaps they should change their name to "Westboro Atheists, Inc."

Of course, they have a compromised solution - the museum could erect at 17 foot tall "A for Atheist" next to the cross. What would it mean? I suppose someone seeing it could think the "A" stood for some other word that starts with "A", but I believe the atheists would make sure that there was a plaque to explain it to the "non-brights."


My Brother, this country is in a world of hurt. We have no one to blame but ourselves. The last generation has become tooooo comfortable, and now, we are seeing the fruit of our complacency! "Casual Christians become Christian Causalities!" That is a quote from my mentor for many years, Fr Al Lauer. (RIP)

So, what do we do? There are some demons that can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. If we are going to get on the offense, and put hell on the defense, we need to proclaim a fast and come against the powers of the dark side. We humans can not do it by our intellect. But with God, all things are possible! This kind of battle will not be won with talk. Our only chance, is to move and fight, in the Spirit!

my 2. but who cares what Bro thinks ;-) +++BroJer

How sad that atheists feel so threatened by Christians that they would launch a lawsuit because a piece of rubble in the 9-11 museum resembles a cross!

Alfred, Lord Tennyson: "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of". And this is a battle that definitely needs prayer!

Preach it Bro Jer and Judy. I think the reason one of the first thing to be attacked in our culture was the right to pray is because it is an effective weapon against evil.

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