Wednesday, September 29, 2010

40 Days is in full swing!

Had a tough day? Feeling a little blue? Want to have your spirits lifted? Then check out the Blog at 40 Days for Life! If you're not familiar with 40 Days for Life check out my earlier post. As of today we are eight days into the 40, and I'm reading stories like "Abortion Center Closes". Aside from the title story are the following:
A nurse walked out of the abortion center that is the site of one of the 40 Days for Life vigils in the El Paso area and gave her phone number to one of the prayer volunteers.
“Please help me find a new job,” she said. “I quit!”
... Over the weekend, [a man who just recently took a job as a security guard at a facility where a 40 Days for Life vigil is in progress] was approached by a young woman who had come for an abortion — and she’s pregnant with twins!
The abortion was her boyfriend’s idea — not hers. In fact, she didn’t want the abortion at all. But he was pressuring her, and she explained her situation to the guard.
His response: “Do what your heart tells you to do.”
That was amazing enough. But the guard then told the boyfriend that it was basically time to man-up and do the right thing. And, he added, if the boyfriend continued to threaten his girlfriend, she could press charges.
The young man broke down in tears and admitted he was wrong. The couple then left the abortion center.

and just two days ago, the post "44 Babies Saved". Some of the stories:
One young woman went into the Planned Parenthood center — and turned right around and left within 15 minutes. She spoke to one of the volunteers and followed her to the pro-life pregnancy center nearby, where she decided to keep her baby.
Later, a couple took information from a volunteer, but entered the Planned Parenthood building and stayed for hours. It didn’t look good. But finally they walked out — with huge smiles — and told the people praying they canceled the abortion.

With all the bad news we receive every day, take heart that there is are also good, courageous people in the world. If you'd like to help out, please consider joining 40 Days for Life. There's still plenty to be done.


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