Sunday, September 19, 2010

40 Days

This Wednesday, September 22nd, is the start of the next campaign of 40 Days for Life. Twice a year, for 40 consecutive days, a group of people (over 350,000) pray and fast, at home or at abortion clinics in all 50 states, plus several other countries. Our goal is ambitious - to end abortion.

I got involved in the movement last fall, following the example of an online friend. I had heard about it before but was uncertain, and a little scared. I had seen and heard reports of pro-life "extremists" as well as pro-choice "extremists" and thought it would be a horrible, stressful experience. However, as I discovered it is a beautiful way to do something positive, and help save lives.

You can sign up without any obligation other than moral support. Most of my support takes the form of prayer at home, although I do try to actually get to the clinic for at least an hour a week. Praying at the clinic is not hard at all. There is a wonderful group of people there, and you can pray alone or with others, or hold a sign, or have a conversation, or just be there. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Heck, you don't even have to be Christian, just pro-life.

It is a very positive experience. Not only are the people there friendly, but as cars pass and see our signs (the place we go to is on a busy road) there is a nearly constant stream of people tooting their horn and waving, cheering, giving us a thumb's up. Of course there are one or two cars in the hour I am there that shout something else (always the same thing, too), but there is an overwhelming amount of support that increases my faith in humanity.

Do I make a difference by going? Perhaps not me personally, but the group certainly does, I have seen people pull up to the clinic, approach some of the "40 days" people, thank them and leave. Did they change their minds, or did they just come back later? I don't know, but I can hope.


Yes, you make a tremendous difference! Lives are saved when people are praying at the clinics. I have heard story after story of couples seeing Christians humbly praying in front of the clinics. Hearts are touched, decisions are reversed and little babies LIVE because of you! Keep up the good work, in the name of our Lord!

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