Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things I'm glad I didn't invent

A while back I did a post on things I wish I'd thought of. Here's an idea I'm sorry anyone thought of. The idea is to make a "virtual speed bump" by making a drawing on the pavement that from a certain angle looks to the driver like an object. This has been done before, in Philadelphia, Pheonix and Peoria, and I'm told they are common in Europe.

However, drivers soon find the drawings more annoying than anything else, and ignore them over time. So Canada has come up with a twist. The drawing is designed to look like a child chasing a ball into the road. Shall we list some of the things likely to happen? Accidents as people stop short? Cars swerving off the road, or perhaps into cars or real people trying to avoid the child in the road.

Of course, according to David Duane of the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation the fake girl should not cause accidents, stating:
"If a driver can’t respond to this appropriately, that person shouldn’t be driving….”

Riiiiight. What exactly is the appropriate response - drive slowly over what appears to be a child in the road? My psychic prediction: This won't end well.

Of course, perspective drawings on pavement can be used to good effect. Just ask Julian Beever! He does perspective chalk masterpieces on sidewalks, like the one below.


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