Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Joke

A lawyer dies and arrives at the pearly gates. Saint Peter asks him "What have you done to merit entrance into heaven?"

The lawyer thinks a moment and replies, "A week ago, I gave homeless person a quarter." Saint Peter asks Gabriel to check this out in the record, and after a moment Gabriel confirms it.

Saint Peter says, "Well , that's fine, but it's not really quite enough to get you into heaven."

The lawyer says, "Wait Wait! There's more! Three years ago I also gave a homeless person a quarter." Saint Peter looks at  Gabriel, who after a moment confirms this as well.

Saint Peter then whispers to Gabriel, "Well, what do you suggest we do with this fellow?"

Gabriel replies, "Let's give him back his 50 cents and tell him to go to hell."


Haha! : )

My grandfather only knew 3 jokes.

That was one of them.

I love that...

I think I would have liked your grandfather.

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