Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Joke

A Texas rancher was driving through Mexico and stopped at the edge of the road to admire the scenery when a beautiful white horse caught his eye. The horse looked healthy, well kept and was in a separate corral. The Texan knew he had to have that horse, and asked one of the workers if the horse was for sale. The worker trying to communicate said “No, no, he no look good.”

The Texan was not satisfied with the answer because he saw that the animal looked beautiful and insisted on buying it. He found the owner of the ranch, who told him the same thing "he no look good." Realizing that the owner probably just wanted to bargain with him, he raised his offer, and  after a few rounds of this the owner arranged for the sale and the Texan took the horse back to his ranch.

He rode the horse through his ranch and galloped to the barn when suddenly the horse ran right into the barn wall. Frustrated the Texan took the horse back to Mexico and complained to the man who sold him the horse and explains what happened. The owner said, “I told you he no look good.”


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