Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Joke

This one's borrowed from Dr. Ben Carson:

A wealthy man liked to give his mother expensive gifts, but was running out of ideas. One day he heard about these trained birds. They could walk and talk and sing and dance. They were spectacular, and he knew he had to get one for his mother.

They were $5000 each, but the man bought two and had them sent to his mother. He couldn't wait to call her up and ask what she thought.

When enough time had passed for her to receive them, he called and said "What did you think of the birds?"

His mother replied "Mmmm they were good!"

In shock he said "You weren't supposed to eat them. Those birds were special. They cost $5000 each! They could sing and dance, they could walk and talk."

His mother replied "Well, you think they'd have said something."

Perhaps you'd rather hear him tell it. In fact, I recommend watching the entire video. A great speech by a great man.


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