Monday, October 18, 2010

12 More Days

The fall's 40 Days for Life campaign is more than halfway over. This week I met a woman who not only participates in 40 Days, but prays at an abortion mill year 'round, and has been doing so for many years. She is in her eighties, and told me the clinic she's praying at now is number five. She has closed four other clinics!

I spent quite a while listening to her wonderful stories, both good and bad. She spoke about Mike the cop, who became her friend after responding to a complaint from the abortionist; how he not only stood up for her, but would drive by and make sure she was safe. There were numerous stories of people thanking her for saving their child. And one time a friend saved her life by yelling for her to jump as a clinic employee tried to run her down with a car.

The next day I was standing in the cold wind and pouring rain. Although the turnout was small that day, as one man put it "it's a great witness that people are out here at all in this weather." A large pickup truck pulled up and double parked in front of the clinic where we were, and a man got out and approached us. He walked up to each of us in turn, thanked us, and handed us each ten dollars to "get a hot coffee or some soup". We all donated the money to 40 Days to help defray the costs of the signs and pamphlets they provide us with.

Mario, the man in charge that day told me that the gentleman comes by every day and gives each person praying there ten dollars, and thanks each one personally. Sometimes there are dozens of people praying, and he still gives each person ten dollars. We all pray for him every day.

Although I have never been able to make it to the clinic on a Saturday, I'm told that's the biggest day. A large group gathers every Saturday afternoon for a rosary for life and songs. And that's the biggest day for women changing their minds and canceling their abortion appointments. This past Saturday should have been even bigger because it corresponded with America Needs Fatima's Rosary Rally. I was at a high school open house on Saturday so I'll have to find out how it went and report back next week.


There is much you can heal through prayer and the rosary. I found a great website that has a link that allows you to pray the rosary with others. It is just fantastic and I feel it is important to share good finds with others.

God Bless!

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