Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkins and Jesus

After posting on the pro-life pumpkin contest yesterday, I got the idea to search for other Catholic pumpkins. After all, Halloween is a Catholic holiday (being the eve of a Catholic Holy Day). And carving pumpkins is a totally Catholic thing to do. In fact, if you are not familiar with it, hear now the tale of Jack O' the Lantern. this is my version, so it may differ from what you've heard before.
Once there was an evil man named Jack. One day, he drank himself to death in a pub. The devil appeared to take his soul, but Jack pleaded for one more drink before his soul went off to hell. The devil granted him this last wish, and when Jack complained he had no money, the devil turned into a coin. Jack thrust the coin into his coin purse, which had a cross on it, and imprisoned the devil. He agreed to let the devil out if he would grant him 1 more year of life.

Jack tried to mend his ways in that year, but was unsuccessful. So the devil returned after one year. Jack pleaded to be able to eat an apple before he went to hell. The devil agreed and climbed a tree to get one. Jack immediately carved a cross into the trunk of the tree and imprisoned the devil again. This time he wouldn't let the devil go unless he agreed never to take Jack's soul. The devil, sick of being tricked, agreed.

Again Jack tried to do better, but fell into his old ways, Eventually Jack died and went before the pearly gates of heaven. St. Peter turned him away, since he had led a sinful, unrepentant life. He went to the gates of hell, but the devil refused him entrance, citing their agreement. So Jack is cursed to roam about the world for all time. He holds a coal in a carved turnip (now a pumpkin) to light his way, trying to find someplace where he can find eternal rest.
Mwah ha ha! At any rate, I searched around for Catholic Jack O'Lanterns and I found some cool links.

Catholic Cuisine has links to the pro-life pumpkin contest and a saint pumpkin link up. I also like their Halloween pumpkin post from last year. Lots of very creative ideas!

They also linked to some other good pumpkin carving ideas. Tug and Regina have a not just one, but two posts on Catholic pumpkins. Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool even has a pumpkin monstrance!


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