Saturday, October 2, 2010

Content and Intent

No doubt you have heard about the disgusting "green: videos by 10:10. If not, be warned before you follow this link - the video is extremely graphic and depicts the murder of children. For those who prefer not to watch it, in the video a teacher asks her class to reduce their carbon emissions, and has the children who want to participate raise their hands. Two children don't and are murdered by the teacher, who detonates bombs in their desks, spattering the rest of the class with blood and body parts. There is another equally graphic video involving graphically murdering adults who don't do enough to cut their carbon emissions.

Of course the media and blogosphere is abuzz. One post I read asked "what's the difference between these images and graphic abortion images?" They are referring to images like these (warning again, link is directly to graphic images of aborted fetuses) used by organizations like the Center for Bioethical Reform. The image at the top of this post is taken from their college campus education program, the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP).

Anyway, the there are two major difference between graphic videos like 10:10 made and pictures (and videos) of abortions and aborted fetuses. The first is in content. The 10:10 videos are simply movie special effects (I hope), while the GAP photos document the actual killing of human beings. Like photos and videos of KKK lynchings, the Tiananmen Square, the JFK assassination, Nazi concentration camps, Civil War battles, North Korean executions, and many more, the GAP photos are important historically and as a warning for generations now and to come.

The second major difference is in intent. The 10:10 videos are advocating violence against children (and anyone who is not "green" enough), while the GAP photos are protesting violence against children and mothers.*

Yes, there are major differences between the 10:10 videos and GAP photos and videos. The former are purely offensive and have no merit, while the latter, though equally disgusting, are essential.

[* Note to anyone who want to claim that 10:10 isn't promoting violence - imagine that the two children who are murdered in the video are gay, or black, or Muslim, and tell me if you don't think it would be interpreted as advocating violence. And for anyone who wants to claim that abortion isn't violence against children and mothers, go to the GAP site and look at the dismembered bodies of fetuses and tell me how none of them are human.]


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