Monday, October 25, 2010


Think you have a big family? Here's an amazing story about a Vietnamese man who saves babies from abortion by adopting them. He has devoted his entire savings to saving children from abortion. How many has he adopted? Over 80. Yes, that's not a typo. Thirty of them have been taken back by their mothers, and he and his wife are raising the remaining fifty plus children as their own, unless/until their mothers want them back. When he can't save a life, he asks the abortuary for the corpse, which he buries in a private cemetery. His cemetery has over 9,000 tiny graves.

To me (and the children he has saved) this man is a hero. I wish I had the fortitude to do what he does. The next time I feel like complaining about how hectic my life is, I will shut up and offer it up.

H/T Divine Ripples.


I have been made aware that there is much more to this story. There is great abuse and neglect of these children. Please visit and contact them to support their efforts to expose this injustice.

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