Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Joke

In a small town in Ireland one day a stranger, an American, walked into the pub, ordered two beers and sat down alone at a table. He drank one of the beers, then started on the second. He then ordered another two beers, sat, and drank them.

This continued day after day, until curiosity got the best of the bartender. "Pardon me for asking" he says, "but why don't you just order your beer one at a time? That way you'd be drinking fresh beer with a nice head on it."

"Well, you see" said the stranger, "my brother and I were always as close as two people can be. We did everything together. We used to go to the pub every night and have a couple of beers together. But he's joined the military and been sent off, and my job has taken me to Ireland. The night before we both left, we made a pact to drink a beer for the other one each day at the same time, so even when we can't be together physically, we at least have this connection."

The answer satisfied the bartender, who told all the regulars, and after a while the stranger became the pride of the town, a man who was so devoted to his brother that he had a beer for him every day. He became known as "the man with two beers".

This continued for months and months, until one day the man walks in, looking forlorn, and orders a single beer. He sits alone at his table and slowly begins to sip at the foam. Everyone in the pub realizes something tragic must have happened, and they begin to whisper about it. As the man is finishing his beer, the bartender carries another single beer over to the table.

"I don't mean to intrude" he says, "but we all want to offer our condolences on your brother. We all noticed you only ordered one beer today..."

"Oh my brother's fine. I just gave up beer for Lent."


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