Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Joke

An Irishman named (you guessed it) Paddy was down on his luck. With no job prospects in sight he finally took to going door to door in wealthier neighborhoods looking for odd jobs to do. One day he walked up a long sweeping driveway across impeccable gardens to a beautiful large white house. He knocked on the door. "Top O' the marnin' sar" says Paddy. "Might ya be havin' any odd jobs for a poor lad just in from the old sod?"

After a few repeats the owner of the house deciphered what he was asking, and being a kindly man decided to find something for Paddy to do for pay. "There's some paint and brushes in the garage. I want you to paint the back porch" he said.

"Ah sure and bless ya kind sar" said Paddy and immediately set to work. A short time later, Paddy again knocked at the door. "Sar, if it please ya, I am done. Would ya care to check ma wark?"

"No" replied the man "I'm sure you did a good job. Here's your pay. I'm just surprised you're finished so soon. It is a rather large porch."

"Thank ya" said Paddy, taking the money. "May the good Lord bless ya and keep ya. You've been so kind to a poor lad, it almost breaks ma heart to have to correct ya. Ya see, it wasn't actually a porch in back, 'twas a mercedes."


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