Sunday, July 29, 2012

What's it all about

I read this article today on Jeff Bezos donating $2.5 million to promote the redefinition of marriage. While the article is what is expected of a media that excoriates people for thought crimes or lauds them for goodthink, there is one thing I found interesting - the honesty of Jennifer Cast, who emailed Jeff asking for a donation. According to the article, she wrote "and to let my children and grandchildren know their family is honored like a 'real' family."

And that's basically what this issue is about. As I have said before, it's not about civil rights, it's about religious liberty. Do I, as a person of faith, have the right to hold a position on the morality of certain acts, or must I be forced to "honor" acts I believe are immoral and harmful? Mr. Bezos evidently thinks that I do not have that right, that I must be forced to treat people as "married" and a "family" when I do not believe that they are (and when science and religion both agree that they are not).

The fact is, there is no right to be "honored". Honor is something that must be earned, and earning it means doing something that is constructive to society, not just doing something difficult. We don't "honor" the person who commits adultery (unless he is the president - yes, that's sarcasm folks), even if that person overcame great obstacles to do so. Is it hard to live a "gay" lifestyle? Perhaps, but that's not the question. It's hard to live a Christian lifestyle as well, but Christians aren't demanding that the government force non-Christians to give us honor.


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