Tuesday, January 4, 2011

E Plebnista

On January 6th the Republican party has called for a reading of the Constitution to the US House of Representatives. Some knuckleheads idiots people are making this a point of controversy. My favorit post on the subject is Republicans to Spend $1.1M Reciting Constitution on the House Floor.

Yes, according to the calculations presented it costs the American taxpayer $1.1M for the 3 hours it may take to read the Constitution on the floor. What does that mean? That means it take $1.1M for every 3 hours that Congress exists. That's over $1.25M to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at every session (I do hope they at least do that). Assuming each representative spends just five minutes a day doing "necessary" things, we are paying over $6.25M for, um, "excretion".

When I heard the news, what came to my mind was more along the lines of this video clip:


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