Friday, January 21, 2011

What do you mean by choice?

OK, I don't normally blog this often, but I had an "interesting" discussion with a "pro-choicer" today, and since I just discovered it's "blog for choice" day, I thought I'd mention it now. The gist of the case the person is trying to make is that yes, abortion is killing, but it is a "necessary evil" to promote a greater good - choice. The conversation is so pertinent because the very thing the person will not define is what is that "choice" that is so good it's worth a human life.

After much circumlocution, I can only infer that the "choice" that is so good is the freedom to have sex when you want to. My response is that shouldn't rape then be legal and protected by that definition? It would allow a man the same freedom to have sex. Yes women would be hurt (perhaps killed) but by the person's own logic, the "choice" would be a greater good.

The (predictable) response is that rape hurts someone. And this is where pro-choicers are actually anti-choice, anti-women, anti-life. Because they fail to admit the scientific truth that there is a human life in that womb, that there is no substantive difference between a baby 1 minute before it is born and 1 minute after, except that you can see it. Scientifically and medically that same argument holds all the way back to conception, when a unique new human life was created. To say that it's OK to kill someone as long as you never met them is just horrible beyond words.

So, tell me. what "choice" do you think is worth a human life? Having more money? Free time? A new car? Freedom form embarrassment? A slimmer figure?


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