Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do you deserve freedom if you support slavery?

My (and I'm ashamed to admit) senator, Frank Lautenberg this week disappointed me yet again. I already wrote about the stupidity of my other senator, Robert Menendez, and now it's Lautenberg's turn. But this is more than stupid, it's anti-life, anti-woman and anti-American. Watch the video and be outraged.

The outrage for me not just because he claims we don't deserve freedom, but "they'll give it to us anyway" but more because of what he's standing there fighting for my tax dollars to go support, which is in the following videos. You see, Frank Lautenberg wants to directly support, with my tax dollars, an organization that supports child rape and human trafficking, and they do it knowingly, and he supports them knowing that they do it.

If this bothers you, you can contact him here.

H/T Michelle Malkin and Proud Parents of Staten Island. Sorry for posting so many videos.


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