Sunday, March 20, 2011

An open letter to my governor

Here is a letter I just wrote to Governor Chris Christie. Please read the letter, follow the links, and consider writing your own letter. The governor can be contacted at
Dear Governor Christie,

It was with shock that I read this story, which happened here in New Jersey, at St. Barnabas Hospital. A mother was charged with abuse for not consenting to a C-section and her baby daughter was taken from her. Five years later, despite a NJ Superior court ruling last year in their favor, the child has yet to be returned to her parents.

Assuming this story is accurate, I am disgusted that such a thing could happen in our state. Please take whatever action is necessary to correct this injustice and reunite a family as soon as possible.

The stories mentioned can be found at




There seems to be quite a bit more to the story. Details here:

Seems that there is a history of mental health issues in play as well. Still troublesome.

I agree it is not all black and white, but the state's removal of the child is based on the mother's having been under a psychiatrist's care prior to the birth. It seems absurd to me that if she hadn't been getting treatment for her condition, and if she hadn't come to the hospital to assure the health of her child she would not have been charged with "potential abuse".

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