Monday, March 28, 2011

My first poll

Paul has an animal in his attic. He has not seen said animal. And so I have created my first poll ever. Please look over on the right sidebar, and vote for what kind of animal you think is up there. Voting ends Friday at noon. The winner(s) will win either the people's love and admiration forever, or have the appropriate animal installed in their own attic. While you're voting, check out Catholic Preachy and Sober Catholic.


Paul, I am hoping it is only a squirrel up there. I shudder to think that BroJer is there and that there is a chance you would send him elsewhere. Creepy!

Oh, I'll probably install him in Mike L's attic! Mwuahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

It's the ghost of BroJer past!


must be getting holy

And the winner is....ding...ding...a cute, scared, and sad "yearling" RACCOON...who is now free again on our 45 acres thanks to some wonderful rehabilitation specialist ladies! Thanks God!

Aw darn! I was hoping it was BroJer, since I voted for him (and he was winning in the polls).

Congrats to our 6 raccoon voters. You have won the people's love and admiration forever!


dat coon was a decoy

Wow....this happened 6 years ago already....came up on my FB "on this day" thingie! I wubadub you sweetie!

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