Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good for women and men

According to an article in Smart Money, a method has been successfully trialed in Switzerland to regenerate breasts that have been damaged or removed by breast cancer surgery. Other details are found here. From the Smart Money article:
ZUG, Switzerland -(Dow Jones)- A longterm study looking at Cytori Therapeutics Inc's (CYTX) tissue regeneration method--which uses stem cells from a person's own fat to reconstruct breasts--shows the procedure to be safe when used on former breast cancer patients who suffered from scars or had part of their breast removed, the U.S.-based company said Wednesday.

Cytori's system includes the extraction of stem cells from the fat tissue of a patient, which are then injected in the affected area such as the breast, where tissue needs to be regenerated.

Unlike other stem cell companies such as Stemcells Inc (STEM), Cytori doesn't use embryonic cells, a method which is facing opposition as it is considered unethical. Scientists, however, hope the use of stem cells can help cure complex diseases such as cancer as stem cells have a long life and can develop into other cells.

...and from the Sys-Com article:
The trial, referred to as RESTORE-2, was a 71 patient prospective long-term breast reconstruction study. Specifically, 12 month physician satisfaction was 85% and patient satisfaction 75%, which is consistent with reported six month results. Physician and patient satisfaction criteria encompassed functional and cosmetic outcomes, namely breast deformity, breast symmetry, appearance of scarring, and skin pigmentation. With no generally accepted standard of care, there was no defined control for this trial. The comprehensive data are being prepared for peer-review and are expected to be publicly available later this year.

"We believe cancer treatment is incomplete without reconstruction," said Marc H. Hedrick, M.D., president of Cytori Therapeutics. "The RESTORE procedure has the potential to become the gold standard for lumpectomy defect repair, even in the context of radiation scarring, for which there is no accepted standard-of-care. The data from the study strengthens the long-term safety profile of this treatment and soundly shows efficacy in breast cancer patients."

During the RESTORE procedure, fat is taken from the patient's stomach, hips, thighs, or other areas, by liposuction. Some of the tissue is used to extract the patient's own stem and regenerative cells which occur naturally inside the tissue, using Cytori's Celution® 800/CRS System. The extracted cells are then combined with some of the patient's own fat tissue, which forms a cell-enriched fat graft that is injected into the breast to restore its natural look and feel. In addition to providing an entirely natural option, the impact of post-operative scarring is greatly reduced due to the minimally invasive nature of this procedure.

More information on the procedure can be found at http://www.cellreconstruct.eu/CellReconstruct.aspx.


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